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How Do You Know When Your Phone Battery Needs to Be Replaced?

Our smartphones allow us to communicate, stay in touch with loved ones, and do much more. You can order takeout or groceries right to your doorstep during a busy day, or call for a ride when your car breaks down. In the modern era, phones are for more than just making and receiving calls; they provide us with unrivalled convenience. However, the health of our devices depends on one crucial component: the battery. In this article, we will explore the common signs of a failing phone battery, tips for extending its lifespan, and when it’s time to seek professional help.

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What Are the Common Signs of a Failing Phone Battery?

There are many different signs of a failing phone battery, and here are a few common indications for you to watch out for:

 Your Phone Charges Slowly

 If you notice that your phone takes longer than usual to charge, it may be a sign that your battery is showing signs of wear and tear. A healthy battery will charge relatively quickly but as it degrades over time, it will begin to slow. However, you should first try using a different cable and charger to rule out any issues with the charging equipment. If that doesn’t improve the situation, it may be time to consider replacing your phone’s battery.

 Your Phone Overheats When Charged

 While a warm phone during charging is normal, excessive heat is a cause for concern. When a battery becomes inefficient, it can generate more heat than usual during the charging process. Overheating is not just uncomfortable; but can also accelerate the degradation of battery cells, reducing their overall lifespan. Additionally, the heat can affect other internal components, potentially causing further issues with your phone’s performance.

Your Phone Is Slow to Respond

 A sluggish and unresponsive phone can be a source of immense frustration, especially during rush hour. If your smartphone has started to lag, freeze, or become unresponsive without any apparent reason, it might be indicative of a battery nearing the end of its life. Batteries with degraded capacity struggle to provide the necessary power for the phone’s operations, leading to reduced performance.

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What Are the Tips for Extending Your Phone Battery Life?

While it’s essential to identify when your battery is failing, taking steps to extend its lifespan is equally important. Here are some general tips to help you do so:

Avoid Charging Your Phone Overnight

Waking up to a fully charged phone can be convenient and is a common habit performed by many users. However, when the battery reaches 100% charge, the continuous flow of electricity can generate heat and cause small amounts of wear over time.

Reduce Background Apps

Many apps continue to run in the background even when you’re not actively using them. These background processes consume power and can significantly impact your battery life. We recommend reviewing and closing apps running in the background to improve overall performance. 

Lower Brightness Levels

High screen brightness places significant pressure on your device. To extend battery life, adjust the screen brightness to a comfortable level, and consider enabling adaptive brightness. This feature adjusts the screen brightness based on your surroundings, ensuring it’s not unnecessarily bright when it doesn’t need to be.

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When should you seek professional help?

If you have tried out all the tips outlined in this article but still experience problems with your phone battery, you may want to consider seeking professional assistance.

 Rapidly Draining Battery

 If you notice that your phone’s battery percentage drops rapidly, even when you’re not using it intensively, this indicates that its capacity has significantly diminished, and is struggling to hold a charge. This can lead to frustrations as you might find yourself constantly hunting for chargers or power outlets to keep your phone alive, making it challenging to rely on your device for communication, productivity, or entertainment. 

Sudden and Random Shutdowns

 An unexpected phone shutdown, especially when the battery is not critically low, is a clear indication that your device needs immediate attention. These random incidents can disrupt your daily life, potentially causing you to miss important calls, messages, or app notifications. They can also lead to data loss if you are in the middle of a task or conversation.

Swelling and Bulging Battery

A clear indication of this is that your phone’s back cover is bulging or the phone’s frame is separating. A swollen battery is dangerous and can lead to physical damage, as well as other safety hazards, including the risk of fire or explosion. In such cases, immediately power off your device, and do not attempt to use it further. Do not attempt any DIY fixes and be sure to seek professional help.

Does Your Phone Battery Need to Be Replaced?

 Now that you know about the common signs of a failing phone battery, you might be wondering when it is due for a replacement. If you’ve observed any of the following issues, feel free to contact us at GW Mobile and let our experts perform a comprehensive evaluation of your device’s health.


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