GW Mobile in Sim Lim Square provides professional repair services for mobile devices — anything ranging from Apple iPhones to iPods, to smartphones by Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, Huawei, LG and other brands.


Since young, Glenn has always enjoyed fixing and tinkering with mobile devices. He first worked as a repairman, until there was a change of ownership where he worked. This led him to start up a repair business of his own – now the successful GW Mobile of today. Glenn and Wenny, along with Wenny’s brother, started GW Mobile in September 2012 with their repair expertise and a dedication to quality service.

Their service has indeed drawn praises and loyalty from customers, who vouch for the reliability of their repairs and spread their services through word-of-mouth and social media. The GW Mobile Facebook has 34K likes as of July 2015. Most notably, they received the Top 25 Prestige Award by Media Enrich Enterprise in 2014, under the Environmental and Professional Services category (

Free diagnostic tests are run before advising customers on whether a device is worth repairing. Charges only apply when repairs are carried out. For common problems such as screen cracks, wear and tear, and battery problems, GW Mobile is able to provide same-day repair and return services. Serious problems such as water damage and dead motherboards require up to two days due to the rigorous process required in repairing them.

Glenn is currently looking for a suitable location to open a second branch for GW Mobile. His motivation is in keeping up with the ever-changing technology and improving his skills and expertise. Glenn points out that new phone models are regularly launched in the market, and this challenges them to constantly master new configurations and methods to repair these new models. However, he certainly thinks that it’s a challenge he will always relish!